Acupuncture and Herbs


Acupuncture involves the insertion of very fine wires (needles) into specific spots to stimulate the body to heal itself. The ancient Chinese discovered that all pain and illness cause tiny, hidden sore spots to develop in muscle tissue. When the pain or illness improved, so did the soreness in these spots. Over countless generations, the ancient Chinese learned that different disorders cause the appearance of different sore spots. They also learned that touching these spots properly and reducing their soreness helped the body to heal the disorder. Acupuncture was developed as a highly specialized way to treat these sore spots and stimulate the body’s self-healing processes.

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Chinese Herbs

Rikki has years of experience prescribing Chinese herbs to people of all ages in treating a wide variety of disorders. Most herbal formulas are taken in pill or tablet form. Some are taken as teas or tinctures. Children who are unable to take pills are usually given tinctures as the few drops needed make it easier for children to take. Traditionally brewed raw herbs are seldom prescribed due to their higher cost, bad taste, and difficulty brewing.

Safety of Herbs

The media often reports about the possible dangers of taking herbs including herb/drug interactions. These reports have surfaced as a reaction to the realization that millions of Americans are taking herbs and other supplements with little or no professional advice. There is a great difference between someone self-medicating with herbs and someone who has had herbs prescribed by a trained and licensed professional. As a Licensed Acupuncturist, Matthew Bauer is trained to know the potential risks of the herbs he prescribes just as a medical doctor is trained to know the potential risk of the drugs they prescribe.

While it is true that a very small number of the hundreds of Chinese herbs pose potential health risks, over time the Chinese learned how to distinguish between these and the herbs that pose no risk. They further learned how to utilize the higher risk herbs safely. Most herbs are combined with other herbs to enhance their positive effects and reduce the potential of side effect. The Chinese may be the only culture on earth that learned to combine ingredients in this way. Some herbs are also processed in a manner that greatly reduces their potential toxicity.  And finally, dosages are carefully regulated so as to reduce the chance of side effects. When taken as prescribed by a trained professional, Chinese herbs are far safer than many commonly prescribed medications or over the counter drugs.

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